Aquaro Biosystems provides solutions that improve workflow efficiency, quality, and consistency in the histology lab.

Better Turnaround Times for Your Lab

Histotechnicians play a fundamental role in patient care and medical research. With a decreasing histotechnician workforce, it is most important to use automation technologies that will improve turnaround times and produce the highest quality sections.

> Improve turnaround times and section quality by automating section floating and mounting.

Better Quality for Your Customer

The automation of section preparation steps, including slide staining, improves consistency while freeing up histotechnican time. At the microtome, section floating and mounting remain manual and can be a source of section inconsistency and damage.

> Increase section quality and lab throughput by automating section floating and mounting.

Better Prepared for Your Future

With increasing prevalence of special stains, biomarkers, and the emergence of slide digitization, histology labs must improve the efficiency and standardization of tissue section processing.

> Make advanced analysis technologies accessible to your lab by automating more of your section preparation workflow.

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