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Jan 2017 Newsletter

In the April 2017 newsletter:
1. The NEW PaceSetter Section Mounting System: Updated Features and Appearance
2. Video: Water Knife
3. Intuitive Control Panel for Programming the PaceSetter

Jan 2017 Newsletter

In the February/March 2017 newsletter:
For Histotechnology Professionals Day, Aquaro would like to say “thank you” for the many contributions histotechs make to healthcare. This newsletter included our conversations with “Histology Thought Leaders,” including two new interviews with Bonnie Whitaker and Clif Chapman.

Jan 2017 Newsletter

In the January 2017 newsletter:
1. Two Histology Labs at Major Pharmaceutical Companies Tested the PaceSetter: See the Results
2. PaceSetter Technical Guide: Finding Optimal Parameters for Floating and Mounting Mouse Lung Tissue

November 2016 Newsletter

In the November 2016 newsletter:
1. Will Automation Replace Your Job? No!
2. Manual to Motorized Microtomes: How to Decide to Make the Switch
3. Standardization of Specimen Preparation for IHC