Histology Thought Leaders

We’ve had the opportunity to speak with many thought leaders in histology and capture some of these interviews on our blog. Check out the conversations by clicking below.

Interview with Rene Buesa on the Field of Histology, the Future of Histology, and Tips for Lab Managers Interview with Histotech Joelle Weaver on Process Improvements and the Future of Standardization Interview with Histotech Leslie Hackert on Lab Safety and Clinical Versus Veterinary Histology
Interview with Histotech Kathy Hardy on histology in clinical versus research settings, why histotechs are superstitious, and what makes a great microtome blade. Interview with Histotech Clif Chapman on the future of automation and quality control in histology laboratories. Interview with Anatomic Pathology Operations Director Bonnie Whitaker on the Future of IHC