PaceSetter Section Mounting System

The PaceSetter™ section mounting system automates the placement of paraffin-embedded tissue sections onto slides. At last, the only manual step in the histology laboratory is automated.

PaceSetter section mounting system

  • Uses a gentle water stream to transfer sections directly from the microtome to slides
  • Interfaces with and controls motorized microtomes
  • Compact, easy to use

Watch a video to see the PaceSetter in action!

The PaceSetter improves histology laboratory efficiency and the consistency of section quality:

  • Hands-free section mounting: free up histotechs to run multiple microtomes or focus on more specialized tasks
  • Standardize methods across all microtomes and histotechs
  • Reduce variation: Programmable water temperature and time means sections experience consistent and reproducible settings
  • Consistent placement on slides in user-defined arrangements
  • Filtered water stream reduces cross-contamination
The PaceSetter fits with your current setup:

  • Interfaces with standard microtomes
  • Requires only a compact, 10″ wide x 9″ deep (25.4cm x 22.9cm) footprint to conserve valuable bench space
  • Degree of automation is under complete user control to facilitate use in a wide variety of workflows
  • Slide-by-slide programmable section positioning and arrangement (e.g., serial, step, or even multi-slide matrix)
  • Specimen blocks and slide racks are quickly and easily exchanged for each new sample run
  • Withdraws slides from and replaces to rack

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