Why the PaceSetter?

The PaceSetter™ section mounting system improves laboratory efficiency, increases section quality, and enhances laboratory ergonomics by automating the transfer of sections from the microtome to slides.

Improve Laboratory Efficiency

  • Maximize laboratory resources and improve sample throughput with hands-free section mounting: Free up histotechs to run multiple microtomes or focus on more specialized tasks
  • Minimize recuts: Filtered water stream reduces cross-contamination
  • Easy, efficient serial sectioning for processing entire blocks and preparing control slides

Increase Slide Quality

  • Standardize methods across all microtomes and histotechs
  • Reduce variation: Programmable water temperature and time means sections experience reproducible settings
  • Consistent placement on slides in user-defined arrangements
  • Recirculating water is filtered twice to reduce cross-contamination
Improve Histology Laboratory Efficiency, Increase Histology Slide Quality, Improve Histology Laboratory Ergonomics

Enhance Laboratory Ergonomics

  • Reduce repetitive motion injuries (RMIs): the PaceSetter triggers the microtome, enabling and encouraging truly hands-free microtomy
  • Serial sections, facing in, and trimming between levels can be programmed into the PaceSetter and performed hands-free

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